Wedding Dresses must be brought in to the store to be examined to look at beading, sequins, care label, etc to determine price. Most Wedding Dress cleanings start out at $540. All beads and sequins will be tested before proceeding. Any stains on the dress will be pre-spotted before cleaning to assure the utmost quality.

We also offer Wedding Dress Preservation.

Cleaning Cost: $540 and up
Preservation Cost: $100 and up

For smaller garments such as, Christening Gowns the preservation cost is $50. (not including cleaning costs)

For veils, children's clothing, etc. we offer a "Treasure Pack" preservation for $70. (not including cleaning costs)

All wedding dresses should be thoroughly cleaned before storage to insure proper preservation. Certain dresses can be spot cleaned before wearing, but must be brought in so we can inspect it.
We use Foster-Stephens Acid-Free Chambers and Acid-Free Packaging to better protect your investment.